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Facial Silicon Cups

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🍃The small softer cone shape silicon cup is great to use for the delicate area around the eyes. You can use the denser cup for other areas like the forehead and around the lips.
🍃our silicone cups especially the AcuRejuva arc-shaped silicone cup are perfect to use on the forehead. especially if your forehead has a more prominent bony structure which makes it a little harder for glass cups to glide on the area.

🍃Our arc-shaped silicon AcuRejuva cups are also great to use for improving smoker lines( wrinkles above upper lips). They fit perfectly in the little space between the upper lip and nose. They have the right firmness to glide easily around the lips.

🍃Smoker lines sometimes appear in people with TMJ disorders. They usually put a lot of pressure on their lips unconsciously while sleeping at night. Sometimes they appear because of chronic facial expressions. sun exposure and genetic factors may also play a part in smoker lines appearing. 

🍃Cupping around the lips as shown in the video is an effective routine to incorporate into your weekly regimen to make wrinkles above the upper lip smooth and less visible. It also could be preventative for wrinkles to appear in younger people.

🍃Facial cupping improves Blood and Qi( vital energy) circulation in the face, brings more micronutrients to the front and as a result helps to get a more radiant, brighter, and youthful complexion.

🍃It tones and gives an instant lift to the skin.
🍃It reduces fine lines and softens the appearance of deeper wrinkles.
🍃It improves product absorption and nutrient delivery into facial tissues.
🍃It decreases facial puffiness by encouraging lymphatic drainage, and much more.


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