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Zad Rejuvenation System

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What's inside? 

This unisex beauty kit includes 4 facial cups and a Gua Sha to cover and massage all parts of the face and neck. The box comes with complete instructions and guides on how to use the kit.


What is our Gua Sha?

The Gua Sha is a massage tool used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to release muscle tension. Our uniquely designed patent pending facial Gua Sha is designed by licensed acupuncturist Shahla Hashemizad. Our Gua Sha is made from Bian stone and has all the curves, angles, and sides necessary for whole facial sculpting included in a single tool.



Both facial cupping and Gua Sha are used to massage the face. Using facial Gua Sha routinely could greatly improve under-eye dark circles, and help to lift, tone, and brighten the skin. Also by encouraging lymphatic drainage, they can eliminate facial puffiness under the eyes.

1. Both facial cupping and Gua Sha improve blood and Qi (energy) circulation in the face and, as a result, they brighten the complexion. 

2. Relaxes facial muscle tension

3. Improves skin elasticity and collagen production. They lift, tone, sculpt, and help promote firmer skin.

4. Encourage lymphatic drainage, depute, sculpt, tone, and lift.


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